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Default Re: Building my "first" motorized bike

Originally Posted by Bob Gurkin View Post
Hi Charles. My Uncle, Marion, lived in Norfolk. He owned a business machine repairshop there. Those were probably some of his children you ran into. Pinetown, Washington, Tarboro, Belhaven are all places we have family. There are 4 family cemeterys in and around Pinetown alone. From what you are saying I believe your family comes from the same group mine comes from. Your daddy was in the timber business and so was his father. As a matter fact I'm sure he was the engineer on the small train that was used to bring timber out of the swamps. The railway is gone now but it is now a short road and is called Gurkin's Switch. I am aware of the reunions, but haven't attended. My Dad does though. Over the years I have walked miles of the Dismal Swamp area outside of Pinetown. I used to love rambling through there. All of the Gurkins in Pinetown are gone now with the exception of one lady. All of the farmland is gone. Either sold off or married into other families. About all that remains are the cemeterys and they are scattered about. That website I gave you will have a lot of photos of those early Gurkins. Check'em out
Hey,Charlie and Bob welcome to the Forum! Glad you found each other.See how this Forum brings people togehter!Love your pickles! Kip.
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