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Arrow bike fixed AGAIN 4 now atleast need your advice tho

so I got my bike fixed after breaking the petcock and barely getting the threaded part out of the tank. I took the tank off and walked down to a great hardware store got a brass fitting and jammed it in the threads because they didn't match up but got a good seal, better than the petcock fit ever put in an inline Briggs and Straton filter for the gasoline hose clamped everything, and bam for the first time in my bikes life I didn't have a gas leak!!!! so my bike runs like crap it has no power what so ever its has the new CNS hi performance adjustable glued in brass screws that Ive broke all of them trying to get them unstuck Ive ordered a new top of the line 8 dollar spark plug and they are telling me it will cost 15 bucks for a solid copper plug wire will these really help me do you think? my engine is brand new but it is very weak and top speed might be 20 but i doubt it , any advice is much appreciated, i know i need a new carb, but im attempting to keep rent payed and the lights on right now so im going cheap as possible, If anyone has a carb they arnt using and wants me to pay shipping or a few bucks and it can be adjusted let me know that also
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