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Default Re: I blew off 3 spandexers

Originally Posted by epicboy View Post
i only ride my bike on back roads near my house. I generally stay away from the city and really populated areas. I see kids riding these motorized moped stand up scooters all day long, and i don't see them getting hassled. But here we are again talking about classification of a vehicle. Anything the CA DMV can slap a fee on they will.
stand up scooters / GoPeds are legal in CA
C class license over 16, I think its been upgraded to a M2
Bicycle helmet
20 mph
Not too loud an exhaust
No registration needed

You are whining about a $19 one time fee for a license plate? This has
been in place for Mopeds and motorized bicycles for a very long time in
The DMV doesn't check your bike or if you have a drivers license when you apply.

if you had of been wearing a helmet and had the plate you would not
have been hassled......some battles just ain't worth fighting.....

Motorized bikes have it really good in California compared to other states.

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