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Default Re: I blew off 3 spandexers

since i wasn't carrying the vehicle code in my back pocket (maybe i should start doing that) i was unable to educate the cop as to the laws he's suppose to be apprised of. I myself understand that there are grey area's in the law with respect to these bikes, but for me, I'm not about to go pay reg fees and go through the hassle of making my bike street legal when I can't ride in the street anyway. My bike tops out at bicycle speeds so, if i have to spend more money to ride in the bike lane, then forget it. I like riding without a helmet also. Thats just me. Call it what you want. If you know something that i don't please let me know. That day when he pulled me over he was seriously trying to call for other units so he could get my bike impounded - lucky for me not units were available and he just said its your lucky day now get outta here and walk your bike home...NO JOKE
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