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Default Re: How much motorbiking did you do in 2010?

Originally Posted by virginian View Post
I put 3800 miles on my motorized bicycle in 2010. I am a long-time pedal cyclist who just started motorbiking in early 2010. I put a GEBE setup with a Tanaka 32 cc engine on an old front-suspension mountain bike.

I also rode my non-motorized pedal bikes for an additional 2500 miles. That was mostly for social rides with friends and for exercise. Also for going places where I canít park my motorized bicycle in a secure place.

I love riding my MB! I am a confirmed bicycle addict, and my motorized bicycle still feels like a bicycle and I pedal it just like a bicycle. That way I get the joy of riding and pedaling a bicycle and the thrill of having the speed and endurance of a champion professional bike racer.

I love the MBís speed! I pedal at about 15 mph on the flat. The motor more than doubles that speed to about 30 to 32 mph. The motor more than triples my speed climbing hills. On a hill where I struggle to pedal at 8 mph, my motorized bicycle zips up at 25 mph and gets to the top in no time at all. Hills are a real challenge for a pedal bike, but on a motorized bicycle hills simply donít matter!

I love the extra distance that I can cover! A 50-mile ride is a big all-day ride on my pedal bike, and I will be really tired at the end and ready to quit. On my MB, I can ride 100 miles in less time than I can pedal 50, I will not be nearly as tired, and I will be ready to ride still more.

In short, I love my MB!
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