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Default Re: Morini VS China Girl

Originally Posted by epicboy View Post
Goat your hardcore dude!!! You should see what i did to my last coaster break. Due to all the weight and stress put on the shimano cb110 hub, one day while i was riding all of a sudden my rear wheel locked up and after skidding a considerable distance, I looked at the rear and i completely sheered off the coaster break arm and upon further inspection the internals were completely fried also.
My goal since interning this hobby has been to refine the ultimate Machine. The kind ya just don't ever have to work on.

Chin's are great motors I have run a great many mile with them. While to me they are a bit of a kit in them selves. They can be very reliable and run awesome for many a mile too. We have folks here that claim 10,000 miles on them. Its all in taking care of them and knowing what you got. I would suggest in light of the pervervial denial of the wally that the inexperienced need not get a morini! Untill they have encounter every obstacle with this hobby.

Many Many folks seam to be happy with there wallys there just not for me. Like an old boss told me even cheep tools are unacceptable to a degree [with wrenching] it is important to know what you got is all.

My first bike was a schwinn searcher I put a lot of miles on that bike went through three back tires and wheels normal wear and tear accept for a nail at 35 miles an hour. The frame never broke I looked like a circus bear on it. It was my proving grounds. I had down hill forks on it too.

I learned a lot from that one lol.
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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