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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Well, I ordered pretty much all of the last parts I need today. I still need to pick up the battery and there will be common fittings I can get from the hardware store, but all the big stuff is now accounted for. I decided to skip the deep fryer thermostat ... just couldn't make myself drop the $150 for it. What I decided to do is mount a standard gas grill regulator on top of the water tank or maybe down beside the seat and adjust the heat manually, watching the temp gauge. It would have been nice to have the deep fryer thermostat because I could have set the temp and allowed it to regulate itself. But that's a luxury I think I can live without.

I figured out a cool way to hide the propane tanks and electrical components, but I ain't tellin' until what I bought arrives!

I need to do a little more welding/fabricating and then paint the frame (and tank again) and then toss this thing together.
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