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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
Thanks, Ted.
Yeah, I remember that old body man saying, "Keep it shiny, don't let it get grey...keep it shiny!"
He used wooden paddles to smooth the lead while it was molten.
When I was growing up in Mansfield, I remember the guy across the street and down a few doors did old-school bodywork out of his garage. He showed me a few tricks. He taught me how to coat the hardwood paddles with beeswax to keep 'em from getting burnt. He taught me how to use shrinking hammers and dollies. And he had a pair of pliers which made flanges. He could cut out a section of fender that was rusted away and make a flange around the edge. Then he'd fabricate a section of sheet metal to fit it. Weld it in. Grind down the weld. And sometimes he didn't even need lead to hide the seam. A coat of primer, and his repairs would vanish. I miss the old geezer. He was a Brit who loved working on some of the old MGs and Jags we had kicking around.

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