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Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
I will remind you that I have HEARD (on this board) that the wizard was a problematic kit. I don't know from experience. I will retract that statement. It may well be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Will you be our intrepid pioneer and get one and do a full review? At some point a lot of us have taken a chance and bought a relative anyone who bought the first china shipped bicycle motor kits....or more recently I "pioneered" with the livefast "55cc economy kit" to come soon.
I'm going to get one.

They're expecting a shipment sometime after mid-August. At $325 I don't see how I can go wrong.

I spoke to someone over there who seemed knowledgeable. I asked him point blank how does the clone compare to the Honda and he said they dissembled them both and couldn't tell the difference.

He also mentioned latest engine was new and improved -- third generation.

Based on these things I've stopped my research.

My issue with the Dax Titan was the rack mount. I didn't like the way it looks and thought it shifted the center of gravity.

I have no other issues with it and still would like to have one.

And, yes, rest assured, once I get the Wizard I'll be filing reports here regularly -- I may even set up a website for that purpose exclusively.

With the exception of this forum, which is as good as a forum gets, I have issues with the way the motorized bike industry represents itself on the net. None of the websites are information-rich or professionally well-done as they ought to be.

And then when you find one that's passable you get videos with rock music so loud you can't hear the engine.

Who started this rock music in motorized bike videos?

Awful idea.

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