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Default Re: Dent in gas tank?

I'm guessing/hoping it's a stock kit tank. First: prepare yourself to possibly buy a new tank. Second: locate or borrow the largest C-clamp you can get, and see if the bottom end (where the screw-down clamp meets) will get into the tank at the backside of the dent. Third: cut a hole in a piece of scrap wood (plywood preferably) that is just bigger than the dent. Put another piece of wood over it.

With the butt-end of the C-clamp on the inside, put the wood with the hole over the dent, the whole piece of wood over that, and very gently start tightening the clamp. If your dent has any size to it, you may need to use a piece of wood or plastic inside the tank to clamp against, to pull the whole dent out. If this doesn't work, new tanks are pretty cheap. (I've done shade-tree bodywork, can ya tell?)

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