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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Thanks WheelBender. Could not for life of me remember who else had done that. (broke a spoke on bike drive side) Mine looked like it got pulled threw. Really odd. Have been mad pedaling but they are kinda made for that? lol.

Went shopping for 12G spokes. LBSs were closed. I am gonna try and get a set to fit a regular wheel by drilling out the holes on the rim and hub. The only really HD rear wheels I can find are coaster brake. I just prefer freewheel.
Spent after noon swapping out rear wheel. I can't figure this out. Instead of just putting the 56T back on, I put on a 44T just to test. (couldn't find any 48s Kat. have to be at least a few here some where) To my great surprise, took off seemingly about the same as the 56T. Did not seem to accelerate as fast but in the few blocks I took her, (was well after dark on a Sunday night and didn't want to annoy our happy lil town) She got up to 30MPH which cold, is normal. Am just shocked. I expected and by the math should have had no get-up-n-go and toped out at 40. Was a quickie ride just to see if she could take off with out pedaling. (cracks me up. "well I read...")) Have to test tomorrow but was geared for 54T rear. Any one have a low 50s toothed sprocket they want to sell?

Thanks again for the thought Kat. I still can't believe it works.

This is funny. Part of the reason for not going farther was a strange vibration. Climb off and look at her rear-end. I had only hand tightened the rear wheel. The only thing holding it on was a sense of duty, habit and the chains.

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