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Default Re: Salt flats addict

Nice bike and I love the side car. The thing I really like is that if you blow a spark plug on either machine you can just take one from the other. Ha, one of very few vehicles that the china girl plugs are interchangable with. Side note.....While looking for a cross referace guide for plugs on the china girl motors amazon had an ad for plugs then gave an option to check what vehicles that plug fit. 63 VW bug uses that same plug along with a couple other model years. Good to know if your in the auto parts store and there is a wet behind the ears parts guy there and you know what plug you need but he graduated from the special class in high school and dosnt know a ball joint from a tie rod. Gonna post part of this in the general disc area, maybe it will help someone. Btw welcome to a great forum, lots of answers and a lot of great people. Hope you enjoy.
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