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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Me Kat? I had thought about it but has the bare minimum low end now. Engine tops out around 5000 RPM. Have a 56T rear sprocket. Have a few 48s around but think that would be way to low. Since I have to re-lace the wheel, might try it. Thanks. Sunday in the shop/garage is Heaven. NPR on the radio, wrench in hand. And it's warm today!
The Aqua Teen, Hunger Force sales team is still telling folks I have to pedal start. Be funny if I really had to.

Sick of messing with chains. That bike has round chain stays so really should make up some kind of chain tensioner. I play around a lot. Chain pictured had 3 master and one half links at one time. Big on building. Low on finishing, lol.

Been doing a lot of city ridding. Normally I leave the bike in what ever gear suits the Terrain. But having to accelerate at car speeds, been going threw all the gears. (7) Dunno why it never occurred to me to do this. But now I am usually slowing for the next light b4 the car, truck or bus catches up to me.

All that to say thanks for the thought.

worst apocalypse ever
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