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Default Re: Find a Dealer & Review

i ordered a kit from was $184 shipped $139 for a full 66/80cc kit. with the optional $15 universal mounting kit

paypal caused a problem with ordering so i had to wait 2 days to get it taken care of, but when i finally did the guy i talked to on the phone and he went out of his way to make sure my kit was shipped that day (even though it was only 8 minutes until they officially left work for the day), while figuring out what was going on with paypal, i asked what he thought of the optional upgraded carb, chatted a bit, called paypal , called back kings, and straightened everything out n he told me he'd be sending the upgraded carb FREE to make it right (and let me remind you paypal caused the problem, not them).

shipping was kinda slow, but im across the country and their was a big snow storm out on the great lakes region,so again it was not their fault, and even then, tracking number said i'd have it in a week, even with a blizzard i got it in 6 days. not bad, not bad at all.

when i finally received it, it was not the motor i had ordered, it was an upgrade from it, brand new grubee skyhawk GT5 with the cns carb. lorenzo (i beliieve that was his name) really went out of the way for me.

the gas tank looked a little scratched up but overall everything seemed to be in order.

im still waiting on my bike to be shipped and delivered, ordered a brand new worksman for my first build, (worksman supposedly makes the best bikes in terms of durability period, but before you decide on one know they take 3+ weeks on average to have shipped from your order date) so i haven't fired it up yet, but i'd give kingsmotorbikes a 5* for customer service for sure, and their pricing didn't seem bad at all imo.
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