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Default Re: tank coating

2door, i remember that thread. i think my reply was JB weld. if you dent in the pinhole area and use the Jb like bondo (or more like spot filler,) then sand it all smooth, the Kreem will work great.

Kreem is a rubbery type coating, and it's white. depending on the size of the holes, it could seep out, and it's not really sandable. if you tried, it could rip or peel off, leaving you back at square one.

also, the kit comes with a metal etching prep, to prepare a rusted or old surface so the kreem sticks, and it says if the metal is too thin in some areas, the prep can eat through it.

also, like Venice said, the prep and the wash are reusable, so you just funnel it back into their bottles for next time.
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