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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Was 40F here today! Long ride to do a MPG test. 27 miles on 32 Ozs. Thats .843 miles to the ounce! Or 108 MPG but former sounded cooler.

OH! broke a rear spoke on the pedal side! How is that possible? Some one else did it recently and I can't remember who so I can ask what they think.

Also lost my muffler. All of a sudden at the end of a long down hill it sounded like an HD horn, call to arms was blearing. Look back and my rubber muffler is bouncing down the street. It got some good air, snork. Yet another advantage to the no patent pending dansco rubber muffler. It don't scuff, it don't scratch but it do bounce. (threaded it back on and rode away)

worst apocalypse ever
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