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Default Re: Should I use this?

They are heavy- wish they'd make it lighter. I've seen them here with a set screw put through the middle to stop it from rotating on th eframe- i don't think it would break otherwise.

A derailler works great on the pedal side- if you build more- it tensions that side so the motor chain can be pulled tight if there are no other clearance issues with the chain stays, a cruiser usually has the best clearance but not often a derailleur and fitting handbrakes can be tricky without larger wheels-

so look for multispeed cruisers with cantilever brake fittings- my micargi even had a grooved hub that fit the sprocket-

1/2 links are available for both the motor chain and pedal chains and can usually be used to get a workable balance between the chains without using this heavy tensioner if there are no frame clearance issues

although breaking and resizing chains has always been about my least favorite mechanical thing with bicycles...

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