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Default Building my "first" motorized bike

Well, my very first was back in the 50s and I used a Maytag gas washing machine motor. It did ok, but was cumbersom. The Chinese motors look simple enough and I suppose if one can walk and chew gum and scratch their head they could probably get the bike to go forward. The bike I'm puttin it on is the OCC chopper and it's for my nephew. The first thing I found out is that if you can't tinker worth a darn you might want to consider walking. I believe this site will remove a lot of the frustration factor out of figuring exactly how every thing goes. The section on the proper installiation of the rear hub was a Godsend. I had already put the darn thing in two ways and both were wrong. So, I will definately be looking at all of the "how tos" on the site. You guys are doing a great job and thanks so much.
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