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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

Thanks for the support. I actually think this silly thing might actually run. I'll mess with it until it does anyway.

The coil goes inside the black "can" which is actually an insulated section of stainless steel chimney pipe. The coil will be heated from the bottom with a propane burner.

It's a 2-stroke engine. 4-stroke's aren't as easy to convert to steam.

Oiling will be through a chainsaw carb plumbed for oil through the old gas inlet. A tank will supply the oil. I'll remove the choke, so no throttle effect, just oil being sucked through as needed. I chose a chainsaw carb because the jets are adjustable so I can mess with it to try and get it to work. Theoretically, oil will be sucked in like gas/oil used to be, tossed around the crankcase and sucked into the cylinder on the intake part of the stroke. Oil has a much higher viscosity, of course, so I assume I'll be cranking open the jets to get it to flow. I have to look into steam oil yet to see what makes it unique, so I may end up using that. Haven't crossed that bridge yet.

You'll notice I had a fill bung welded on top of the case. That's my "Plan B" in case the chainsaw carb doesn't do the trick. I figure I can run a wet crank if need be and put steam oil in the water tanks to take care of the cylinder.
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