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Default Re: Should I use this?

When you peddle and drop the clutch to start the engine the opposite side of the chain gets tight against the teinsioner. Hence forth the need for the slack. The best set up for those that have the unforgiving frame /chain clearance issue is a spring loaded teinsoner. IMHO

I have ran both designs stock and a spring set up both are very do able. I have a buddy that made a spring loaded set up that is flawless. He originally tried a rear suspension single left side drive, but his pivot point not being in the optimum position with the motor output sprocket gave him grief.

So he put a all thread adjuster where the rear shock went to make a long story short. Adjusted his chain tension once and never touches it. I really liked the way his ended up. And a skate board wheel is way smoother than the stock wheel too IMO.
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