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Default Re: mnt bike vs cruiser...

More than style and function goes into what makes a bike a cruiser or a mountain bike. Actually early mountain bikes circa pre 1985 were just fancy well built cruisers. The earliest Stumpjumper was a long wheelbase slack angled bike just like a lot of cruisers were. Mountain bikes are raced a lot so the popular ones are styled after what has won a lot of races. The wheelbases are much shorter now and angles are steeper now for the majority of mountain bikes. A short rear end makes fora bike that transfers your power to the ground very efficiently and generally climbs well. Steep angles steer more precisely so you control the bike better. Longer wheelbase makes for a smoother ride and though you may not climb quite as strongly you can decend a little better. Bicycle geometry is a lot of compromises that you need to become familiar with to truly find what you want if you want more than style.
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