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Default Re: Something new and kinda sorta 100 years old looking

I will be interested to hear how this turns out!

I am busy calculating for building a motorized bicycle to run on propane (happytime conversion)

I have planned to use the stock carb as a oil injector, or use a small hose inserted into the carb to relay a oil supply. I have thought about using a
mix of 30wt oil or 2cycle marine oil, and window washer fluid (methanol and water). Some people thought it sounded nuts, but people are using methanol water injection in race cars and even heavy trucks now for turbo cooling.

If steam doesn't damage piston systems (obviously it has worked for 100years), then I think that it won't ruin the HT because it will constantly get oil.

Originally Posted by fishguts View Post
I could use some advice on this one. I want to use a carb as an oiler. I will run steam oil in the supply water but that still leaves the crank, etc. in need of oil. The challenge is to get a carb to do the job. Could I run a much lighter oil such as trumpet valve oil and larger jets perhaps? Anybody know the viscosity of the 2-stroke's gas/oil mix?

Any input appreciated.
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