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Default Re: Propane conversion

re: grease. The problem is that it must travel from a tank in a liquid state like regular gas mix would, pulled by engine vacuum, at a low volume.

I plan to dilute 2cycle marine oil or conventional motor oil with water methanol mix aka window washer fluid, low/non ammonia).
First I'll just try cheap motor oil and see if my spare carb (the old small one) can be adjusted at the needle, to just not use a lot. It has 5 notches, and I've heard you can order different jets or solder and re-drill the jet.

So if anyone else has a better idea, maybe a type of thin inexpensive oil that is used for similar purpose (propane motors), let me know.

Here's an idea if you want to try it: I plan to use, for a trial run, one of those home plumbing torch regulators and just clamp a good quality rubber hose to it, run into a home-made filter box, probably using lawn mower filters. I won't use the plumbing gas though, just the green propane bottles.

I'm sure that people using a 4 stroke pull-start motor on a BMP build or in-frame build, can probably just use the stock carb and tune it.
That is how a lot of lawnmower conversions are done and seem to work fine if the fuel is regulated at a low pressure (around 5 pounds, dialed in with a valve after starting)

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