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Default Re: Propane conversion

re: promotional but interesting

"11,000 USD! Yeah I know… but consider this, the kit contains the turbo and all its components, the propane system complete, assorted body parts and professional installation. The latter is not an option at this time, you must have the work performed by Simmons Propane Systems." Are the Simmons Propane guys not professionals?
And a turbo 300hp snow ski? Awesome!

I really like the propane idea. I think a lot of people keep these bikes in buildings like their houses. A small bike or folding bike with a propane engine that DOESN"T SMELL OR LEAK might help a large portion of people who use these as a commuter/lifestyle vehicle.

I am going to build another motorized bicycle this year, so I will try this out on my current happytime bike after I have something else to ride. I plan to use the carb for an oil "injector",
and think it will probably work just fine. Perhaps eventually an aftermarket carb for the HT's or a compatible lawnmower carb will come about. There are lots of great tinkerers on this site. Someone will nail it.

I saw on Youtube that you can buy an adapter ($20) for 25lb propane tanks, that allows you to refill the small green cans yourself. Supposedly its illegal to "transport refilled 1lb cylinders" but I guess if you are not selling them but fueling a bike, no one would care.

I don't know how the timing can be changed on china kits, but the briggs and stratton engines that people like to convert (mowers, go carts) can be changed by moving the ignition coil. One would have to bond slotted tabs to the ignition coil after modification, or weld new posts for the screws, to advance it significantly. Some go cart stores may sell altered flywheel keys.

Has anyone tried running their HT on propane yet? Maybe it doesn't need advancing. Or maybe if it is less than optimal, it is close enough to work well since these engines are gas-sippers anyway.

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