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i have also used KREEM (yes thats the way its spelled) on two tanks to great effect. only bad thing is you have to keep that stuff moving around in the tank until it sets (20 minutes to an hour of rotating the tank) otherwise you'll have thin spots in some areas and thick spots in other areas. also it can be kind of pricy....i think my kit with the cleaner/etcher, rinse, and final coating cost me about 55 bucks at the motorcycle shop....also the cleaner and rinse are very noxious chemicals and if at all possible should be done OUTSIDE or at least in a very well ventilated area....the bathroom sink in your apartment is not the best place to do this. even with the little vent fan running, those fumes just build up too quick to do it indoors. (you'd think after the first tank i would have learned this but i guess i just forgot how strong that smell can get) oh and dont use any open flames around the chemicals as they will go boom. if you need to look inside the tank use a flashlight not a bic lighter./////of course i dont have your set up or a shop to work in.....just the apartment and i didnt want to go outside to mess with it being in community living with apartmenters all around me i was worried of theives and all that.....but other than that, yeah KREEM is probably the best thing out there to use to seal/rust proof a gas tank..........i need an emoticon of smileys passing out from fumes.....
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