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Lightbulb Re: Pork & Beans Gas Tank

Its a good question. More than one way to skin a cat, right?

Depending on the size of the can, there may be other ways to attach it to something.
I think some builders might want to attach one to a rear cargo rack instead of the seatpost.

I like the way forklift propane cans are attached, how they sit in a rack and a buckle holds one down, with interchangeability. Perhaps there is a semi-permanent way to mount these, using a metal plate and zip ties. Perhaps leather straps and buckles could be used, in the fashion of old toe-clip straps. That would be quite strong and eliminate the need for welding/brazing the plate to the tank. Perhaps that would be an easier way for more users to build a similar tank.

What is Virdi, please?

I like the moped in your avatar. Is it a French moped, maybe called a Velosolex? I think they look ironic because they resemble stationary bikes, but are motorcycles! :-)

Originally Posted by jose Pinto View Post
Hello good evening. I'm doing like a tank, not tin of beans but pineapple into chunks. I note that the photos used soldering tin, right? which product you used to grab and solder?
It is a fantastic tank, but I think Wed plate is very thin, I'm seriously join in the fiber coating Virdi, who thinks the idea?

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