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Default Re: Pork & Beans Gas Tank

I really enjoy the creativity on this website, and how people so willingly share their "recipes".

I think you have a really good product idea as it frees up the top tube area, and should be spill free! Can you turn the bike over with these tanks, or does the cap leak? How does it vent?

Pro weedeaters usually have a system of vented tanks whereby the fuel line uses a weighted tank filter as a pickup unit, and a small external vent runs to a separate hose. The vent cap may have a "float" or a check-ball, to prevent spillage when the weedeater is rotated in use to clear fences, corners, or when it is set on the ground while changing string or attachments.

Curtis Fox, that made me laugh, at "found at Wally world a Stainless toilet brush holder and a small drink cup to match."

I think only tinkerers like us think of stuff like that or find such uses for everyday items. Someone here made a retro boardtracker look bike with a " stainless steel toothbrush holder ." it was the air intake box. I think you can find the thread by a search of those words.

I really like the can-of-beans tank, but I enjoy having my Grubee kit tank. I want one of your tanks for my next build though, a BMP kit, maybe on the front wheel depending on bike.

I think your product looks great though, and is probably much larger than the average size can. Perhaps there are Industrial Use cans such as Nacho Cheese, Green Beans, or Nacho Jalapenos that you could use for a really large tank. Also, small beer kegs have been popular for some bikes and show cars.

Here is a conversion website for Litres to Gallons (either UK or US)
Gallons to liters conversion

Here is a fascinating short history of tin cans, and some good reasons why food products should never be heated in the shipping cans (leeching of tin or hormones that the plastic lining can dissolve chemically into, can make a person sick).

Have you had any problem with the plastic linings dissolving and running into the fuel filter or clouding the fuel, either from heating the can or from fuel corrosiveness?

Originally Posted by curtisfox View Post
Were do you get the filler and cap from? Is that mounting strap something you make or is it predrilled with the holes.
Helping the wife and found that a small condensed mike can has ribs just like your bean can. It might make a neet tail light housing. I also found at Wally world a Stainless toilet brush holder and a small drink cup to match. I will shorten the brush holder for a head light and the cup for tail light old vintage style........Curt

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