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Default Happy new years

I am a hobbiest who builds for what i desire of the hobby. But to all on the forum, and to all who will eventually take up this hobby i wish you all a happy new year. I raise my drink and toast you all for taking your time to write out your trial tribulations, tests, failures and sucess's it is all who will take the time to personally atest to what they have done to make this forum so great and so knowlagable. this drink goes out to paul the founder who has started and keeps this forum running, to the dedicated friends and to the vendors who helps divulge in this amazing and what i personally think as a fun hooby. I toast you all to the new year and may this year bring many new exciting builds. I personalyl have learned a lot. Thanks to barely awake, i was clued in to this forum. He is a person i have met through geographic coincidance. and since i have joined this forum have learned alot from all who have shared their experience. either way the whole point of me ramboling on is that i am thankfull for this forum and i hope everyone who has seen this forum and anyone who is a member has a great new year
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