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Default Re: Tire Sealants: Do They Really Work?

Slime, Seal Tite and other sealers that work with fibers that coagulate at holes and do plug the holes 1/8 " and larger, settle to the bottom of the tube every time you stop for 30 seconds or more. Centrifical force throws it around the outside of the tube as you ride and it is spread pretty evenly as you ride to cover the outer part of inside of the tube So if you run over a tack short nail or thorn that punctures the outer part of the tube the sealer plugs that hole almost without fail.

The stuff just works. I have seen it plug a hole over an inch long cut by glass. Working in a bike shop you see a lot of wierd things and this one will stay with me because the stuff coagulated on either side of the cut some fibers out and some in the hole, all working to seal the hole while an employee rode another 4-5 miles to work where we all marvelled at the power of the slime.

Some older sealers were a rubbery substance that gummed up everything it touched and did a poor job of sealing compared to what I have just described. It worked well enough that a lot of people bought it but mechanics hated to be the one changing out that tube. Slime and similar knock offs are a bike riders best friend and not an enemy to the shop mechanic.

Now there is a hole that slime will not work on, and this kind gave me my first flat in 1200 miles a couple of weeks ago. A nail or stick that punctures both outer and inner part of the tube is doomed to leak until patched. The sealer is thrown to the outer edge and coats that outer part of the inside of the tube. There is no sealer on the inner edge or part of the tube, the part that is close to the spokes and rim. If the nail punctures both the out edge and in edge the tube will not seal because of that inner part with no sealer.
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