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Default Re: My MB runs like a raped squirrel

Finally got the orange huffy build together and started yesterday and went a couple of miles- it's maybe a little sluggish- but probably won't do what the 66 does. Plus it's got a 40 sprocket comapred to the 36- I knew it would be more tame- but maybe somethings not quite right with gas supply and will probably pick up with break-in- Didn't want to wide open for more than just a moment.

the 700 wheels roll great with a 32mm on the front and 35mm on the back- it's very lightweight-It's a lighter motor- gotta find a scale. Gotta take some pix.

I think a lot of people feel the 50 might go faster when they haven't run a 66 with a newer 66 carb or billet intake. It really helps to get a short intake. This slant 50 is on sleeves- no intake- the carb sits right next to the motor, but the shorter front end mount makes it difficult to get a horizontal mount on the cruiser frame and the carbs still at a very slight angle.

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