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Default break-in period on 48cc , not sure if my engine is running correctly.....

Hello out there, just a question about the breaking period of my new 48cc motor....

I have read and heard about the "break in " period for the engine. But not exactly sure what the motor acts like in this time..... does this sound right?

So , I finished my motorized bicycle last weekend. Rode it twice this week , about 30-40 miles. I used the 16:1 ratio for the break in of the motor. Just riding it very easy at a school parking lot ( schools out of session , so no one to bother me and big area to ride, and some streets around the school ).

The engine starts right up , very easy. The engine will idle just fine, smooth actually , not much vibration at idle. The throttle will rev okay.

Now when I start riding it....

1) It takes a while to build up any speed. I will peddle for a good 50-100 ft then give it some gas. It will go but then lose power almost right away.

2) If I go downhill , it will get going just fine, but when I hit full speed , the motor will backfire, or make some kind of popping sound... Notice I am not giving it full throttle , just a slight turn, b/c already picking up speed from the hill. If I try to give it more gas , it will almost choke out the engine.

3) There is no power whatsoever ... It will not go up any hill , even 15degree incline on the motors own power.

The only thing I can do , start on flat area, get the bike going , release clutch /give a little gas, then slowly ( i mean slow) get it to about 15mph and it will cruise for a bit. If I try to go any faster the engine dies out...

Does this sound right , that the engine is just "breaking in" and will get its power and everything sorted out once it ride more??? or do I need to adjust the carb or something ? ( I have checked for exhaust and intake leaks and everything seems fine ??? )

Thanks everyone for your help , this forum rules !
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