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Default Re: A project I have in mind...(but I need a little help)

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post
Thanks all!But I can't seem to find a site that sell the right type of bicycle.
If you can run across an old diamond frame cruiser, like maybe an old three-speed or the like, it should be able to take some nice fat tires. It may take some time but keep your eyes peeled. I lucked out myself, I snagged a JC Higgens that was headed for the landfill.

That tank that was pictured on Ebay there, I think ThatsDax sells them too. They bolt to the bottom of your top tube. You can paint it to match the bike. Somebody else also sells them, I'm sure. I'll have to check on that.

And for long, swept-back handlebars - get apehangers, swing them back toward the seat, then cut off the ends that bend outward.

I'm working on something similar - a vintage style cruiser. I was requested to document my build, so I've been taking pics and writing stuff down. I think it's under boardtrackers, it's titled "Scored a Higgins". I'd love to help you along if I can. I get ideas all the time. If they're any use to you, feel free to ask or whatever.

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