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Default Re: steam bicycle

bro its not that complicated either i have designed steam motors before the are simple in concept really

picture a truck old ford or chevy wih a boiler under the hood with flash boiler to get off the line in under a minute using the radiator as a condenser and mounting the steam engine where the transmission would normaly go hooking into the old drive train

or how about a car with a motor mounted to the rear axil or maybe even a second one on the front axil or go crazy and have a radial engine attatched to each wheel

or check this concept out a military vehechle that is e.m. proof and can run off any type of liquid fuel solid fuel or gas fuel using a hybrid bioler capible of runninmg on these different types of fuel it would be em proof cause it doesnt use electronics to create combustion having more than one enbine and one type of bioler mean sif say your main bioler breaks down u could use the flash boiler to continue to power the motor if a motor breaks u could use the second one for power

hmm sounds like a heavy ass reliable machine

steam engine dont require transmissions cause they have massive torq thoughout the rpm ranges

i do not proffess to be a steam geniouse or anything but i was facinated by steam cars and trucks for a while even more than motor bikes and im a motor bike junkie

steam boats steam cars steam bike steam generater im not even getting into turbine power either

sure the concpet is simple but making a safe bioler that requires the least amount of mainenance is the only real problem to get this technology back into the mainstream
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