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Default Re: Propane conversion
Goped engine for propane, with bottle cage mount and fuel line

Thanks, can you post the link? I saw some videos about them on Youtube but basically it just showed someone using the product and changing the bottle. It was called Lehr (the carb and bottle system) and yes apparently it was something that came as an option on brand name weedeaters like Stihl.

Its possible that the propane, being a petroleum product, is enough to oil the small two-strokes by itself. If I try this on my happytime though, I'm still going with the carb as an oil injection system because these little engines are probably not as precisely built as the tight new motors made for the propane. Also the cylinder on the HT is much longer, and the rings are much thicker. The cylinder does not have a cast iron sleeve either. I think it would be "cheap insurance".

I'm interested in the Goped type engines that run on the green bottle though. I think that would be awesome for a BMP build and really good for apartment dwellers.

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