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Default Re: how often do you pedal? Tips on pedaling..

To peddle or not to peddle, THAT is the question!
I like to peddle as much as possible... call me strange.
I like to down shift into 2nd or 3rd as I approach a stop, the normal gear you might start off on say if you had no motor.
Then ease on to the throttle as you start peddling away from the stop, this way your working in concert with your engine.
This not only insures your not putting to much strain on the drive train but strain on you was well.
I run a Shimano 11-34 9 speed rear cassette and a SPB shift kit and crank, with a set of Kings sales, 48 tooth driven chain ring(outer) and a 38 tooth peddle chain ring(inner)
By down shifting at stops the 38 tooth peddle chain ring and my ultra granny 34 tooth rear gear provides very easy peddle power and im forced to up shift twice, usually before ive cleared the inter section!
Just taking it easy on the throttle will take a great deal of strain off the Pirate China girl 66cc with a large carb, straight shot intake, billet head and tuned pipe.
Now for the question of stealth...
Its a known fact that the scream of a hot 2 stroke "on the pipe"can be heard by the average law officer for miles!
I alleviated the situation some what by building my own stainless steel silencer that's MUCH larger and quieter than any thing we normally see.
COMMON SENSE...really helps...knowing when to "get on it" and when to peddle isn't that difficult.
A good easy to reach kill switch, that can be toggled on and off easilly helps alot in killing and restarting the engine when the coast is clear.
Critical Mass ride? here in NYC? the LAST thing id do is go near that ride, the cops are just itching to bust peoples chops, i'm not giving them an easy target.
Engine running or not, HERE, you WILL get pulled over and hassled.
I say peddle more, its good for you!
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