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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by mbuna420 View Post
lol but see that's just it I want it to go over my shoes most boots kill my feet
I ride in the rain and snow a lot and I gotta say one of the problems isn't the snow, it's my freakin' boots. They're just hiking boots, not combats or anything but still - they're huge & clunky and the last thing in the world ya want when riding in such conditions & at these speeds is ANYTHING hampering your dexterity...

So if yer thinkin' some kinda plastic shield or somethin' - I'd hafta say don't, it'll mess ya up sooner or later. There's a buncha "low tech" options, like galoshes & rain pants w/a gather at the cuff or even "old school" with the good ol' bread bags over your socks...

My "solution" is pretty simple, if it's nasty death weather out - I grab a change of socks & shoes and put 'em in my pack
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