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Default Re: Monarch springer fork and drum brake

Originally Posted by corgi1 View Post
My apoligies,after seeing the inside workings of the brake ,I concure that it will operate the same on either side,possible a more aggersive brake lever would travel further ,but offer stronger pull on the shoe lever(kinda' like a larger rear sproket causes more power to the rear wheel,,a small increase makes a big difference)
Thought about it a bunch today Corgi. I think it may have some effect. Would be a much less passive contact if the "clam" opened into the on-coming drum. More of a positive contact. I dunno if it would be so much more it would matter much but in the interest of community knowledge and just plane curiosity, gonna try it and will report.

But you are right, longer brake arm would be a whole lot simpler and would work better.

hehe, my brain is froze up and have to think about this
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