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Wink re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
Like I was told when I was a kid .. ''what did you do that for'' I still tell my buddies that phrase to this day. Its all in the timing lol. I get some funny reactions too. The kid ''I dunno'' The adult its almost ''fighting'' words.

Or the guy looking for the battery charger in the shop. ''have you seen the battery charger'' My reply no did you?
I'm abit of a bugger for this too. When ya can see someone clearly hasnt got it and there havin a biatch of a time trying to get something together or wat not and going up to them and sayin "did ya get it".
The frustrated look of NO u idiot cant you see I'm still doing it.. never grows old.
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