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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

i've been slowly building up my latest bike the last few days. the weather here is just too nice to spend all day working on it, so i've been riding a few hours everyday. (sorry everyone who lives outside of southern california...)

got the rolling chassis together today (which means it's a bicycle) and spent waaay too long on the throttle. the bars are 70 year old Torrington's that had seen better days, but i stripped the chrome, rust, and pits, polished the steel and lacquered them, but the ends have been smashed so many times that my cool vintage Tomaselli Superpratic B 1/4 turn throttle wouldn't spin smooth, so i did a lot of grinding, squeezing, sanding and polishing just to make it fit.

but at least it's not that sloppy piece-o-crap plastic kit throttle.
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