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Default Re: trying to figure this out?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
LOL w/ the walks on the beach.

Wow, wow, wow. I want one! 1950 panther bicycle - Google Search

Had never heard of them. Post lots of pics.

Way back, PC ((Pre Carol)) I did one of those singles web site things on line. I replied "I drink, smoke, dress poorly and curse on the Sabbath. I do not have a criminal record ((in this country)) I eat right. Get lots of rest and enjoy substances (like green tea and natural spices)) I like long walks on the beach that end at the bar or a good party.
LOL, I couldn't answer the emails fast enough.
People are crazy and we are just some of them.

Heck, Dan, I might have answered that add myself. It didn't say if you were male or female so I would have been hoping for the latter. Sounds like my kind of girl.
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