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Default Re: Annoying People.......

I know the feeling well...
I was by no means the first motorized bike rider in the New York City area, but back in the 70s they were pretty rare.
The same 100 questions again and again.
Id be quietly eating my lunch and a crowd would gather, my(no so) trusty steed chained to a post or fence across from me, id ignore them until they started to touch it.
I'd just clear my throat and give a simple... "do you mind? please don't touch"
Then the 101 questions.... I'd try to be genial, polite and explain the build, but it got tired after a while I'd just wrap up my lunch and hop on and ride away.
This was the 70s mind you and motor kits did not exist.
My chainsaw engine in a 10 speed frame was not the best set up and soon it found itself relegated to a corner of my garage.
Time passed, I grew up moved on to bigger and better things for the next 25 or so years.
Ahh... semi retirement, life had been kind to me.
One day cleaning out the garage I came across my old steed, I marveled at how dangerous it looked, I had to be a kid to ride that thing.
No suspension, center pull rim brakes and thin 27" single wall rims!
But as I looked around my garage at my accumulated collection of cars and motorcycles I was suddenly struck at the motor bikes simplicity... how light, how easy it was to ride, the hours and hours of enjoyment id gotten out of it.
It was time again.
I got my hands on a good used 21 inch aluminum framed disc brake 24 speed mountain bike and hit the internet looking for parts.
I built my first 50cc china girl... it was a joy to ride... dependable fast and smooth.
But this time as the questions started up again i was compelled to answer them all, wanting to put our hobby/art/sport in the best possible light.
Lets face it, people can be rude and demanding, I just learned how to use those propensities against them.
I've built and sold many a moto bike since. the business card is an excellent way to get away fast if you must.
But consider answering some of those questions, this will allow our hobby to grow, once enough people are riding moto bikes maybe our voices with get a bit LOUDER with local governments.
SMILE as you go by.
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