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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

That oring on the washer on the clutch handle pin is a good idea, Mine managed to pop the washer right off, acting as sorta a slide hammer.. Added some C clips, but meh, eventualy changed it to a twist grip, havent looked back

I finaly got my shift kit bike running.. And bought the seat post today.. Still need to make a shim for it... oh well.

Gonna install some washers in the muffler to act as baffels to try and quite it down somewhat after removing all the muff outta the muffler.
Left the petcock open, leaked a cup of fuel on my garage because the carb is not 100% level (CNS carb tilting back with the air filter down = slow leak, allways tilt up!)
Learned the puddle would not even ignite! maybe im using too much oil :P Or most of the gas evaporated by then I guess.
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