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Default Re: Is a billet pulley available?

Originally Posted by trackfodder View Post
I think the solution is quite simple if we are doing business with a China Girl type. You can't make proper tension with the drive chain do to the peddle chain, right? Simply put an offset link in your peddle chain and remove whatever is necessary in your power chain and heave the tensioner. I haven't done it yet because I am lazy and my idler hasn't crapped out yet. I did buy the half link, but could care less about riding it since I am completing restoration of a 56 Matchlless G-80S 500cc single and have an 1100 to ride if I need to go somewhere and it is d---ed cold anyhow., Thank God for battery tenders.
Your idea has merit but unfortunately there are frames that will not allow for running without a tensioner. Narrow chain stays on some frames and/or fat tires require the tensioner to keep the chain from hitting. If you have the style of frame that allows you to go without a tensioner/chain guide, then by all means, go for it. Nevertheless there are those who do not have that choice. For them, they need an alternative to the poorly designed mount of the kit supplied tensioner. That's who these discussions are aimed at.
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