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Default Re: Who rides in the snow?

Originally Posted by Vistaman73 View Post
I tried once. It was easier than a normal bike, with more weight, lower CoG, and with the engine you help you get going so you don't dig into the snow. But it's more dangerous because the lack of control. Have fun, Stay safe.
I got used to the lack of control you speak of. I have been driving RWD sports cars since I was 14. I had nice older friends. Then I got my own 95 Mustang GT 5 speed at 18. I actually took this thing out in the blizzard of 01 to see if I could get stuck. Well I didnt, but I was in 3rd gear facing about 40 degrees to the left of the road, speedo reading 50mph, but really going 10 and straight down the road. That was fun, also I did take a motorcycle training course when I was 20. It really was $250 WELL spent. I agree be safe and dont take chances. Thats just one of many dumb things I did when I was younger and that I look back on and say "Why the He11 dont I do this anymore?". Then I realize that I actually want to LIVE. Damn getting older sucks, and Im not that much older. I may be having a quarter life crisis.
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