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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

A few days ago I received my mirrors, 36t gear, and front brake set from Spooky Tooth Cycles, and front motor mount from Sick Bick Parts. The other day got the mirrors, front brake, and front motor mount on. Must I say that the SBP front motor mount is nothing short of amazing. The motor is rock solid and sitting at a very astetically pleasing spot. If you have a cranbrook or variant of it I HIGHLY recommend this part. Now to talk customer service. I have never in my life gotten such great service as I did from Spooky Tooth. They didnt have my choice of front brake in stock so I said just send the other one. They express mailed it to me and I got it in two days. I paid for regular shipping for all the parts(they came later as to be expected). They also sent a pair of upgraded brake pads. Every email I sent was returned very quickly and with all the info I needed. Sent them a very nice email regarding service. Now to what I did today. Lost my exhaust bolt after hitting the end of my exhaust on some snow. Noticed it was getting louder so I looked down going about 20mph. I saw it wiggling off. Stopped and tried as best I could to screw it back in but couldnt do much. About 2 blocks later it got LOUD. Lucky me I was only about 3 blocks from home. Riding loud enough to wake the dead I got home and inspected. Lost the bolt and blew threw the exhaust gasket. Took off the exhaust when it cooled and looked at the piston, lucky me fine again. Not so lucky the (replacement) exhaust bolt stripped the threads ever so slightly "again". Mixed up some JB Weld and put it on the threads of a new bolt, slid in a new gasket and bolted up the exhaust a little loose, will tighten it up when cured. Hopefully it will hold. Well that was my little adventure, anybody else have a fun story to share with the class?
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