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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Blakenstein View Post
okay bad problem motor boggin out to nothin cold and snow but TODAY (DEC 26 ) I removed the carb and found frozen crud in the vacum hole. also sprayed wd40 on flywheel magnets and wire brushed and wiped off the dirt and surface rust then I improved my gass tank mounts then I made a new gasket out of tan paper got a hole roll of that stuff,
Then I fired up the bike and took it around the block a few times still bogs but ran way better. then i let the bike idle while I took all my tools back into the house and locked up the garage.
Then I took the bike for one finnal burn around the block and it ran GREAT and MAN WAS I EVER HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!!!! NO BOGIN AT ALL . Well now I'm worried about the next time I go to ride it will it run good ??? or not???
also found out tht inside my carb there are one way valves that work like some kind of a pumping action with the vacum hole. It is snowing and only about -7 celcius and I ride stright through the winter.
Blakenstein, methinks your engine needs a warm blanket, lol,as evidenced by how well it runs after warming up.

Either that or a longer warmup.
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