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@Goatherder - Thanks

@Sideshowbob - Chur, tu meke bro... Ki ora, ki ora, cuz. Tena pai... Yep, she's lovely here indeed. I grew up within a stones throw of the actual factual Aotearoa, which is on the southside of the Waikato Basin, and a settlement rather than the name of the country which brochures would have us believe. It is an awesome place for sure, Thanks for making the effort to come see us.

There seems to be a few riders here and there, from what I understand, down south there are several runs and rallys, but with the northward drift comes population and industry, so it's harder to look and see in the concrete jungles - partly why I posted this thread to make some more links with folk.

The sky is rubbish today so will probably be a day in the shed tinkering (Holidays..). Have a look at my profile now and then to check for updates if you like, is prolly the easiest way of tracking the story, I'll try and get some pics up now and then.

Cheers mate.
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