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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
LOL WA. (is funny) Should have added the long and gentle rides. All about presentation brodder

Just added more washers as spacers to monarch fork, springs. Lost a full inch and springs are soon to have no room to spring at all. Thinking I have to replace them. Any one else have any experience with this happening? I weigh 160-70 so is not constantly over loaded.

For the folks way up in the great white and cold North, I was thinking a battery warmer might be of use. Didn't know they were pricy, but not to bad. battery warmer - Google Search For warming the engine or maybe a heating pad tucked under? I might try that. Heat rises and would be that much further from the fuel. dunno. Seems dumb to add unattended heat and electricity to a fuel rich environment. Kids, don't try this at home.

(If ya sue me, alls you will get is some MBs, this PC and a dog suffering from "canine bipolar disorder" snork)
Must be the temperament of the steel springs. I know the longer the spring the nicer the flex.

I have had a lot of down hill comicozie type Triple Tree forks in my life time. Never owned a springer I have only seen one in person a long time ago.

My down hill forks all with about 7 inches of travel or more. Never have worn out a set. I have a old set of Triple tree Judy's I gave a buddy that I had in my youth they had 18000 miles of pure peddling [no stunts I don't do stunting]over the years and still are sweet. I do have a set of Rock Shoxs that have a bit of flex in them now [side to side]. I mostly use the forks because of being so tall. I completes the bike. Gets the cranks out from under me and my chin behind the front tire instead of over it as I cruise around.

I don't think I have ever noticed any sag either. Being over six foot and about 230 pounds. I haul all manner of cargo on my B.M.X. type bars that I use including any and all grocery's that I might bring home.. The longer fork never lets anything touch the tires a big plus too [double bag everything]. But honestly never had any sag at all. It has never even occurred to me. These things have been like owning a work truck! lol Ya end up paying enough for them tho..
Still gotta have a since of humor.

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