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Default Re: Break in secrets

Much sound advice up there. About all I could add is: it really is important to let a new engine warm up a bit first before taking off. It is equally important, I feel, to let it idle just a bit before shut down. Because I think I may touch off a whole new round of heated discussions, I don't feel like telling which break-in method I use. I have seen my pistons and can say that they haven't had blow-by. No leakin' here. I will say this: the idea is to break-in your engine in a way that works for you. By breaking-in I mean that the parts seat themselves well, either no - or limited - leakage, and that no harm comes to the engine through the process, no over-revving which, as was pointed out above, is actually rather hard to do unless you're really trying. I would figure that if you have a good, strong running engine, then you've done something right - stick with it.

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