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Originally Posted by HoughMade View Post
If the gearbox pictured on the site is the one they are selling, that's the good one- the Grubee Skyhawk II. I have that gearbox- works well. The engine is usually a clone of a Honda GXH50 manufactured by Huasheng in China. It is a bit less powerful than the Honda, but many people have reported good reliability. I have the Honda, so I don't know personally.

While the engines are the same, the gearbox to avoid is the JL Hoot which looks like a number "8" on its side. The picture they have is not that gearbox. The Grubee is roughly oval, not "8" shaped and that is what they show.

I'd much prefer the Honda but how do I get the rest of the kit?

No one seems to sell it without the engine.

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